Friday, July 25, 2014

100 days of school

On Thursday this week we celebrated 100 days at school. We are now 100 days smarter! We did lots of different activities that were about the number 100. 
 Take a look at all the fun things we did and how we ended the day making and wearing groovy 100 glasses!

Finding the odd numbers to 100.  Tino pai Arleena.

Counting in twos look at the patterns we can make.

Paige can count in fives to 100. Ka pai

Counting in fives. Ka pai Archie and Ori.

Tino pai  Eleanor you can count to 100 in twos

All the odd numbers to 100

Wow Bella now you can count to 100 in fives

Curtis and Liam had the big challenge of counting in twos

Counting to 100 filling in the missing numbers

Counting in fives to 100

Matthew counted in 2's to 100

Look 100 clips

Wow we are
100 days smarter


Lorna said...

What a fun day we all had. You all looked fantastic in your funky glasses too!

Cutis'Nana and Poppa said...

What an interesting way to learn such important steps to understanding mathematics.I liked the photo of you all wearing special glasses.

Unknown said...

Hannah's mum thinks that room six did great work.

Anonymous said...

Wow room 6 how great you are at counting. I love your glasses. From Arnameika - Arleena's sister in year 3.

Macey said...

That looks really fun! 100 days at school!I like the different activities you guys were doing.
Macey (Curtis sister)